We will repair your teeth!

Areas of activity

Dental care
Dental care means repairing dental defects using various fillers: composite materials, glass ionomers, gold and porcelain inlays and onlays.
  • Consultation, prophylaxis
  • Aesthetic dental care - Repairing teeth using fillers, repairing root canals
  • Surgery - Extracting teeth
  • Paediatric dental care - Repairing deciduous and permanent teeth of children under the age of 19
  • Soda/pearl wash, teeth whitening
  • Periodontics - gingiva care, scaling
Replacing a missing tooth or parts of it using dentures made at a dental laboratory.
The patient will be cared for by a team consisting of a dentist, an assistant and a dental technician.
  • Replacing missing teeth with different types of dentures
  • Crowns, bridges (including precious metals)
  • Metal-ceramic crowns and bridges (including precious metals)
  • Removable dentures, combined dentures, dentures for implants
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Full porcelain crowns
  • Repairing dentures


About us

Our people
Dr. P. Aru Hambaravi provides a full dental care service in the heart of Tallinn under the trademark of KENTMANNI HAMMASTERAVI®. We can help you regardless of the nature of your dental problem. In order to provide the best result of highest quality, our clinic cooperates closely with colleagues and dental technicians.
We hope that the enjoyable milieu of our clinic, friendly personnel and good quality of services provide a pleasurable dental care experience for our patients.
Piret Aru dentist, first category, member of the Estonian Dental Association (EDA)
Maimu-Karin Leon, administrator-assistant
Treatment and diagnostics
Kentmanni Hammasteravi clinic uses the newest equipment and high-quality materials of the leading US dental equipment manufacturer A-dec.
We have all the state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment: intraoral radiography equipment, a panoramic x-ray, an intraoral camera, etc.
Our doctors use special magnifiers that provide the highest quality of care; we base our work on the principle that if we can see it, we can also treat it.
In case of first aid, we will not turn you down and will provide a fast service.
Invoices and payment
In Dr. P.Aru Hambaravi we provide our patients the optimal value for money.
For the price-list you are welcome to visit the Dr. P.Aru Hambaravi clinic or our webpage, however, the final cost of treatment will be based on an individual treatment plan put together for each patient.
You will be able to pay in cash as well as use a bank card.
Our goal is to ensure patients’ long-term satisfaction and trust.
Estonian Health Insurance Fund
Dr. P.Aru Hambaravi OÜ has a long-term partnership with the Estonian Health Insurance Fund in providing dental health services.
The co-operation includes:
  • dental care for children under the age of 19, disease prophylaxis
  • compensation for dentures
Estonian Health Insurance Fund’s guidance documents for patients:

Making an appointment

Making an appointment

NB! Filling out this booking application does not guarantee an appointment. Our administrator-assistant will contact you in order to confirm the appointment. Making an appointment will help us stick to the time limit intended for the treatment, therefore, we kindly ask you to coordinate the desired treatment time with our administrator-assistant. In case of unforeseen circumstances preventing you from arriving to your appointment, please be sure to inform us as soon as possible. You also have the option of ordering a reminder of your appointment time.


Dr. P.Aru Hambaravi, trademark KENTMANNI HAMMASTERAVI® is located in the heart of Tallinn at 6 Kentmanni St on the 2nd floor.
Please contact our administrator through the entrance system upon arrival, the administrator will then open the door for you.
Working time:
Mo, Tu, Th: 08:00-19:00; We: 08:00-18:00
+372 662 2606
Kentmanni tn. 6 , 10116, Tallinn